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Programs i've used

Just another lonely day on my computer

Adobe Photoshop 2016

Image editing and compositing.

Adobe Illustrator 2016

Vector graphics and illustration.

Adobe Brackets 2016

Text editor with live previews.


"You can't be proud of every piece."

Photoshop Assingment 1


Photoshop Assignment 2

Twin Towers Postcard

Photoshop Assignment 3

Marion Davies

Photoshop Assignment 4

Austria Post Card

Photoshop Assignment 5

Ontop of the Moon

Photoshop Assignment 6

Living and Surviving

Photoshop Assingment 7


Photoshop Final

Decades of Dresses

Illustrator Assingment 1


Illustrator Assingment 2

Warm Hearth

Illustrator Assingment 3

Simple Heart

Illustrator Assingment 4

Simple Pear Logo

Illustrator Assingment 6

Im Going to Cry

Illustrator Assingment 7

Pot of bleading Hearts

Illustrator Assingment 8

Pool Ball


"Too many projects, not enough time"

  • 4th Grade to 6th Grade

    Starting out

    I started out my artist career in boys and girls club. I'd had always had a thing for crafting things and drawing, but it really bloomed when I had other kids to draw up against.

  • Middle School


    Through out my middle school years I started to go online and look at other people's art blogs. Most of the time it would make me inspired to do more. Besides, I had one of the most helpful art teachers in middle school; Ms. Bell. Moreover, I had made several new friends and was testing my skills everyday.

  • Freshman Year

    Transition to Something Better

    The starting of a new school and new faces startled me. But with a new school comes ajusting and new learning opportunities. In the first month or two, i met of my closest friends, that today I still look to for help. He kinda slapped some sense into me and my practicing. Turns out we really kinda help each other all the time.

  • Present

    Still Working

    Yes; to this day i still am trying to improve my work, to maybe someday surpass all my models. the only advice i can give to those starting out is "you can't be proud of every piece".

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